Why Leadership?

 At  UN Headquarters in NY on 30 & 31 January, 2018, youth leaders from every corner of the world lead discussions with govt officials, civil society and other stakeholders on policy framework and innovative initiatives to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) –a 15 year plan to create a prosperous world for everyone on a clean planet.  

A student survey is conducted by AFL from January 2018 based on the following questions.

1. What is your dream —aim in life—
2. We love nature — why — any picture you have when you see river/ hills/ sea/ tress/forest/green villages/ open field/ blue sky———just say in brief
3. Best time with your family — like dinner table/while watching tv/ in a family programme/ with guests  
4. Reading books is just a hobby or it is a necessity — not your school books — what about your personal reading –reading for knowledge —
5. tell us your favorite journey —
6. any story from your childhood you share with us — with your grandfather/grandmother — 
7. tell us about your best friend/friends